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Alfred Publishing Company

Select a series below:


Hit the Keys!   (1 Item)

10 for 10 Sheet Music   (6 Items)

A to Z   (1 Item)

Alfred Electronic Keyboard Collection   (5 Items)

Alfred Learn To Play Series   (1 Item)

Alfred Miscellaneous Organ   (2 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous P/V/C Mixed Folio   (2 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Personality   (5 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Piano Collections   (15 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Piano Methods   (14 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Piano Solo   (16 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Promotional Packet   (2 Items)

Alfred Miscellanous Methods and Studies for Piano   (2 Items)

Alfred Movie Collection for Piano   (1 Item)

Alfred Organ Library   (3 Items)

Alfred Original Sheet Music Edition   (5 Items)

Alfred Personality Songbook Series   (4 Items)

Alfred Piano Solos - Arrangements   (8 Items)

Alfred Piano Solos - Classical Arrangements   (3 Items)

Alfred Piano Solos - Original Compositions   (46 Items)

Alfred Piano Solos - Sacred   (1 Item)

Alfred Piano Solos - Seasonal   (3 Items)

Alfred Popular Mixed Collections   (4 Items)

Alfred Popular Personality Sheet Music   (41 Items)

Alfred Popular Personality Songbooks   (1 Item)

Alfred Popular Piano Arrangements   (9 Items)

Alfred Supplemental Library - Arrangements   (8 Items)

Alfred Supplemental Library - Original Compositions   (19 Items)

Alfred's 5 Finger Series   (1 Item)

Alfred's Adult Play Piano Now!   (1 Item)

Alfred's Basic Complete for the Later Beginner   (1 Item)

Alfred's Basic Piano Library   (20 Items)

Alfred's Basic Prep Course   (10 Items)

Alfred's Basix Series - Keyboard   (1 Item)

Alfred's Christmas Suite Series   (1 Item)

Alfred's Classical Editions   (4 Items)

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory   (8 Items)

Alfred's Group Piano for Adults   (2 Items)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - CD Editions   (1 Item)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - First Book for Pianist Series   (1 Item)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - First Impressions   (2 Items)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - Introduction to the Great Composers Series   (2 Items)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - Masterwork Classics Series   (1 Item)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - Mixed Repertoire   (1 Item)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - Piano Solos   (10 Items)

Alfred's Masterwork Library - Single Composer Literature   (6 Items)

Alfred's MAX Series for Piano / Keyboard   (1 Item)

Alfred's Music Note Teacher   (4 Items)

Alfred's Premier Piano Course   (7 Items)

Alfred's Sacred Performer Series   (7 Items)

All-in-One Course   (1 Item)

Broadway's Best Series   (1 Item)

Carish Classical Piano Collection   (3 Items)

Dan Coates Popular Piano Library   (4 Items)

DiY (Do it Yourself)   (1 Item)

Faber Edition: Classic FM   (1 Item)

Faber Edition: Improve Your Sight-Reading   (1 Item)

Faber Edition: Piano Treasury   (1 Item)

For Adults   (2 Items)

For Students   (2 Items)

Generations   (1 Item)

George Gershwin Piano Collection   (1 Item)

Halloween Sheet Solos   (1 Item)

Hanon for Students Series   (1 Item)

Jazz/Rock Course   (1 Item)

Keyboard for the Absolute Beginner   (1 Item)

Kid's Piano Course (Electronic Keyboard)   (2 Items)

Martha Mier's Jazz, Rags & Blues Series   (1 Item)

Megahits   (2 Items)

Memories Series   (2 Items)

Musica Latina Series   (2 Items)

Palmer-Hughes Accordian Course   (3 Items)

Palmer-Hughes Spinet Organ Course   (3 Items)

Piano - Alfred''s Adult Method - Piano   (1 Item)

Piano Musicianship   (1 Item)

Piano with Other Instrument - Piano   (1 Item)

Practical Theory   (1 Item)

Reader's Digest Publications   (1 Item)

Smart & Jazzy   (3 Items)

Style Resource   (1 Item)

Style Resource Series   (3 Items)

Super Easy Songbook   (5 Items)

Suzuki Piano School   (1 Item)

Teach Your Child   (1 Item)

Teach Yourself Electronic Keyboard Series   (1 Item)

Teach Yourself to Play   (8 Items)

The Blue Ribbon Series   (1 Item)

The New Basics Series   (4 Items)

The Ultimate Beginner Series: Keyboard   (1 Item)

Theory for Young Musicians   (1 Item)

Top-Requested Sheet Music   (1 Item)

World's Greatest Series   (1 Item)


30-Day Workout - Guitar & Bass   (1 Item)

Alfred Fretted Instrument Library   (1 Item)

Alfred Guitar - Basix Series   (1 Item)

Alfred Guitar - DVD Library   (3 Items)

Alfred Guitar - Guitar Personalities   (17 Items)

Alfred Guitar - Popular Sheets   (3 Items)

Alfred Guitar - Shearer Series   (1 Item)

Alfred Guitar Supplemental Library   (3 Items)

Alfred Guitar Tablature Series   (1 Item)

Alfred Jazz Guitar Library   (1 Item)

Alfred Miscellaneous Bass Guitar   (2 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Guitar Methods and Supplements   (4 Items)

Alfred's Basic Guitar Method   (15 Items)

Alfred's Basix Series - Guitar & Bass   (1 Item)

Alfred's Classic Album Editions - Guitar Personalities   (1 Item)

Alfred's Kids Guitar Methods   (2 Items)

Alfred's MAX Series   (1 Item)

Alfred's Play Series   (9 Items)

Alfred's Teach Yourself Series   (2 Items)

Authentic Guitar-Tab Editions   (2 Items)

Blue Book Series   (1 Item)

Blues Guitar Lessons   (1 Item)

Complete Acoustic Guitar Method   (8 Items)

Complete Blues Guitar Method   (4 Items)

Complete Rock Guitar Method   (2 Items)

Complete Rock Guitar Method   (1 Item)

Early Masters of American Blues Guitar   (2 Items)

Guitar Tracks   (2 Items)

Guitar World   (4 Items)

National Guitar Workshop's Guitar / Bass Library   (4 Items)

National Guitar Workshop: Guitar Atlas   (1 Item)

ShredHed   (1 Item)

The Improv Series - Guitar Method   (4 Items)

The Total Guitarist   (1 Item)

The Ultimate Guitarist's Reference Series   (1 Item)

Uke 'An Play   (2 Items)

Ukulele Method or Supplement   (4 Items)

Ultimate Beginner Series for Guitar   (1 Item)

Ultimate Instrumental Solos Series   (4 Items)

Ultimate Play-Along Guitar and Bass   (2 Items)

Yamaha Guitar Method   (1 Item)

Folk Instruments

General Music and Classroom Publications - Recorder   (1 Item)

Just for Fun   (1 Item)


Alfred Drum Set Library   (4 Items)

Alfred Mallet Instrument Library   (2 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Percussion   (6 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Percussion   (3 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Percussion Library   (3 Items)

Alfred Percussion - DVD Library   (1 Item)

Alfred Percussion Ensemble Series   (6 Items)

Alfred Snare Drum Library   (3 Items)

Alfred Timpani Library   (2 Items)

Alfred's Percussion Books and Manuals   (2 Items)

Drum Atlas   (1 Item)

Drums for the Absolute Beginner   (1 Item)

Manhattan Music Publications - Percussion   (1 Item)

Percussion Ensemble Series   (2 Items)

Percussion Performance Series   (3 Items)

The Ultimate Beginner Series - Percussion   (1 Item)


Alfred Bassoon & Oboe Library   (2 Items)

Alfred Clarinet Library   (7 Items)

Alfred Flute Library   (6 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Woodwind - Clarinet   (3 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Woodwind - Flute   (2 Items)

Alfred Recorder Library   (3 Items)

Alfred Saxophone Library   (2 Items)

Alfred Woodwind Ensemble   (11 Items)

Donald Hunsberger Wind Library   (2 Items)

Learn to Play - Woodwind   (3 Items)

Student Instrumental Course - Woodwind   (4 Items)

The Art of Series - Woodwind   (1 Item)


Alfred Baritone Library   (3 Items)

Alfred Tuba Library   (1 Item)

Learn to Play - Brass   (4 Items)

Student Instrumental Course - Brass   (5 Items)

The Art of Series - Brass   (3 Items)


Alfred Cello Library   (1 Item)

Alfred Miscellaneous String - Violin   (3 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous String Collection   (1 Item)

Alfred Mixed String Ensemble Library   (15 Items)

Alfred Popular Instrumental Solos - Strings   (5 Items)

Alfred String Ensemble Library   (1 Item)

Alfred Violin Library   (2 Items)


Alfred Miscellaneous Sight-Singing   (1 Item)

Alfred Miscellaneous Vocal   (7 Items)

Alfred Vocal - Miscellaneous   (3 Items)

Alfred Vocal Collections   (18 Items)

Broadway Karaoke Series   (6 Items)

Favorite Classics for Solo Singers   (1 Item)

For Solo Singers   (5 Items)

Gateway Series   (5 Items)

Pathways of Song Series   (6 Items)

The Mark Hayes Vocal Solo Collection   (9 Items)

Ultimate Vocal Sing-Along   (1 Item)


Accent on Ensembles   (6 Items)

Alfred Band Supplement - Easy Winners   (1 Item)

Alfred Band Supplement - Technique Through Performance   (1 Item)

Alfred Concert Band   (4 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Concert Band   (1 Item)

Alfred's Accent on Achievement Band Series   (3 Items)

Band Expressions   (17 Items)

Basic Band Series   (1 Item)

First Division Band Course   (2 Items)

John Kinyon's Band Course   (2 Items)

Marching Band - WB 3D Drill Designs   (1 Item)

Mega Sounds for Marching Band   (1 Item)

Mini Score Series   (4 Items)

Pop Concert Band   (1 Item)

Sound Innovations for Concert Band Method   (1 Item)

Yamaha Band Student   (1 Item)

Yamaha Band Supplemental Library   (2 Items)


Alfred String Method - Intermediate String Techniques   (1 Item)

Alfred String Method - Solo Time for Strings   (1 Item)

Alfred String Method - Strictly Classics   (2 Items)

Alfred String Method - Strictly Strings, Pop-Style Solos   (4 Items)

Alfred String Orchestra Collection   (8 Items)

Alfred String Orchestra Supplement   (5 Items)

Orchestra Expressions   (1 Item)

Pop Beginning String Orchestra   (1 Item)

Pop Concert Full Orchestra   (1 Item)

Pop Concert String Orchestra   (1 Item)

Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Book 1   (2 Items)

Strictly Strings   (2 Items)

Strictly Strings Series   (1 Item)

String Explorer   (2 Items)

String Orchestra   (5 Items)

Strings Around the World   (1 Item)

The Best of…String Orchestra   (1 Item)


Alfred Choral - Gospel / Spiritual Series   (1 Item)

Alfred Choral - Sacred Series   (6 Items)

Alfred Miscellaneous Musicals and Programs - Choir   (3 Items)

Choral Designs   (8 Items)

Lawson-Gould Choral Series   (1 Item)

Musicals and Programs   (8 Items)

Pop Choral   (1 Item)

Pop Choral Series   (2 Items)

Ready to Sing   (1 Item)

Sight-Singing Collection   (1 Item)

The Rough Guide Reference Library   (1 Item)

Small Ensembles

Alfred Jazz Ensemble Collection   (1 Item)

Alfred Percussion Ensemble   (1 Item)

Club Date Combo Series   (3 Items)

First Year Charts for Jazz Ensemble   (1 Item)

Jazz Band Series   (1 Item)

Music Sales America   (4 Items)

U PLAY PLUS   (24 Items)


Alfred Instrumental Series   (16 Items)

Alfred Jazz Textbooks   (2 Items)

Alfred Master Tracks   (1 Item)

Alfred Miscellaneous Instrumental - Brass   (1 Item)

Alfred Miscellaneous Instrumental - Woodwind   (2 Items)

Alfred Mixed Instruments - Flexible Instrumentation   (4 Items)

Discover the Lead   (2 Items)

Easy Instrumental Solos   (9 Items)

Easy Rock Instrumental Solos   (5 Items)

Favorite Instrumental Series   (4 Items)

Flex-Ability Series   (5 Items)

Instrumental Solo Series   (8 Items)

No-Brainer Series   (2 Items)

Pop Instrumental Solo Series   (39 Items)

Rolling Stone Magazine Series   (1 Item)

Sacred Instrumental Ensembles for All   (2 Items)

Sound Innovations Series   (2 Items)

Take the Lead   (2 Items)

Teach Yourself   (3 Items)

Ultimate Pop Instrumental Solos Series   (4 Items)

General Music / Classroom

Alfred Classroom / General Textbooks   (1 Item)

Alfred Miscellaneous General Music and Classroom Publications   (3 Items)

Expressions Music Curriculum   (1 Item)

General Music and Classroom Publications   (3 Items)

Orff School Orchestra   (1 Item)

Suzuki Classroom / General Textbooks   (3 Items)

The Complete Idiot's Guide   (1 Item)

Software, Video & DVD

iVideosongs DVD Series   (2 Items)

Miscellaneous Software Products   (7 Items)

Pro Audio Software   (2 Items)

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