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Thanks for shipping this out before the 4th. I have an audition the end of next week and need the music. Many thanks for the extra effort!!!! I'll pass a good word about Prima to my other musician friends (which are many). -Kaye Wedel
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Prima Music Policies
Special Notice: By placing an order at Prima Music after November 1, 2021, you agree to our revised policies. CLICK HERE to see the details. The revised policies take precendent over any information presented below.

At Prima Music we want to reward you for being a loyal customer. Similar to an airline's frequent flyer program, the more you shop with us, the more perks you receive. There are four levels of membership (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond), each with an increasing level of discount off the list price. In no time at all you will be saving 25% on every item you buy. Unlike the airline programs, however, you do not need to re-earn your status every year. Once you achieve a specific level at Prima Music, you remain at that level forever, as long as you remain active (making at least one purchase within a 12-month period). Membership is free, and your information is protected by our privacy policy. Click here to register for membership at Prima Music.

Membership Levels

Attaining new levels of membership at Prima Music is based on the total amount you have spent with us since you joined. Unlike other programs that require you to purchase a certain amount within a short period of time, your purchase credits will never expire at Prima Music as long as your remain an active customer. We want you as a customer for life. Once you qualify for a new membership level, you will immediately begin to receive the increased discount for that level. You will remain at that level forever, as long as you make at least one purchase of any value at Prima Music during the following year. This is a rolling 12-month period. So, once you make a future purchase, you will then have another 12-months to make a purchase in order to maintain your current membership level.

Membership LevelDiscountQualification
Silver10%Register for Free Membership
Gold15%Spend over $300 lifetime
Platinum20%Spend over $700 lifetime
Diamond25%Spend over $1,200 lifetime
Maximum Discounts

Member discounts are not additive to previous discounts applied to an item. If an item is already discounted above your member discount, you will receive the highest discount. Items that are previously discounted may include sale, clearance, overstock items, or any publisher established discounts, such as Value Packs. Our system will select the highest discount for you.

Membership Previliges

Membership previliges at Prima Music are based on maintaining good account standing. Any account that is no longer in good standing may lose membership previliges, including membership discount, at the sole discretion of Prima Music. The following actions may cause the suspension or deletion of your account:

  • Any violation of the Prima Music Terms & Condition of Use
  • Sharing account log in information with others in order that they might use your established member discount without following the tiered discount program.
  • Creating a credit card chargeback by contacting your credit card company and refusing any legitimate charge.
  • Refusing a valid shipment or threatening to refuse a shipment in order to cancel all or part of the order.

Split Shipments

In the event that your order has both IN STOCK and SPECIAL ORDER items, you will have the opportunity to split your order into multiple shipments. Split shipments will incur additional shipping costs.

Shipping Options

Prima Music provides a variety of additional shipping options to meet your needs. You may choose from Next Day Air*, 2nd Day Air, 3-Day Select, Ground, or USPS Priority Mail. Costs for each available option will be calculated based on the total weight of your order and the shipping destination. You will be shown the additional costs for each of these shipping methods at checkout, and you may select the delivery method which meets your needs. All shipping costs are in US dollars.

Delivery Methods

Our delivery options estimate the time it will take for your order to reach you after it has left our warehouse.

Domestic / APO MethodsTransit TimeInsuredTrackingCost
Standard5-10 Business DaysNODelivery Confirmation$4.49 + $0.50 per pound
Ground1-5 Business DaysYesTracking Number$15.99 + $0.50 per pound (Zone 1)
$17.99 + $0.75 per pound (Zone 2)
$19.99 + $1.00 per pound (Zone 3)
$49.99 + $1.00 per pound (Zone 4)
Priority Mail1-4 Business DaysNODelivery Confirmation$7.99 + $1.25 per pound (Zone 1)
$7.99 + $1.25 per pound (Zone 2)
$7.99 + $1.25 per pound (Zone 3)
$16.99 + $3.25 per pound (Zone 4)
3rd Day3 Business DaysYesTracking Number$18.99 + $0.75 per pound (Zone 1)
$26.99 + $1.00 per pound (Zone 2)
$36.99 + $1.25 per pound (Zone 3)
2nd Day2 Business DaysYesTracking Number$28.99 + $1.00 per pound (Zone 1)
$34.99 + $1.50 per pound (Zone 2)
$59.99 + $2.00 per pound (Zone 3)
$69.99 + $2.00 per pound (Zone 4)
Next Day1 Business DayYesTracking Number$58.99 + $1.00 per pound (Zone 1)
$69.99 + $2.00 per pound (Zone 2)
$99.99 + $3.00 per pound (Zone 3)
$109.99 + $3.00 per pound (Zone 4)
Shipping Zones

Prima Music has four domestic shipping zones:

Zone 1AL, AR, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MS, NC, OH, SC, TN, VA, WV
Zone 2CT, DC, IA, KS, MA, MD, ME, MN, MO, NH, NJ, NY, OK, PA, RI, TX, VT, WI
Zone 3AZ, CA, CO, GU, ID, MI, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OR, PR, SD, UT, VI, WA, WY
Zone 4AK, HI
Important Shipping Information

  • Shipments made through the U.S. Postal Service are not insured. Prima Music will honor no claim for damaged or lost packages if insurance has not been purchased
  • Full replacement shipping insurance is available for U.S. Postal Service shipments for a flat-fee of $3.00. Insurance can be purchased during the checkout process.
  • Estimated transit time is based on the time it takes for your shipment to arrive once it leaves our warehouse. The transit time should not be used to determine the amount of time from the order date to the delivery of your order. The amount of time it takes to ship your order will vary depending upon the items purchased and your shipping instructions to us. Please see the Processing Time section for more details.
  • Orders are processed for shipment during normal business hours only (8am - 5:00pm, Mon - Fri, excluding Holidays).
  • Once a shipment has been sent to the address provided by you, any shipping costs paid will be non-refundable.
  • Any shipment through the U.S. Postal Service cannot be rerouted to a new shipping address once the shipment has left our warehouse. We will do our best to accomodate shipping address changes for shipments made through UPS or Fedex. Any change of shipping address, once the package has been shipped, is not guaranteed. Any fees associated with a change of address will be the responbility of the customer.
  • The customer is responsible for all additional shipping costs that may occur from an incorrect address or refused shipment.
  • If a package is returned to our facility without reason, we will contact you via email and/or the telephone to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.
  • Returned shipments, regardless of the reason, will be handled in accordance with our Returns Policy below.
  • UPS/Fedex deliveries are NOT available to PO Boxes or APO addresses.
  • UPS/Fedex does NOT deliver on Saturdays or Sundays.

Shipping Definitions

  • USPS Delivery Confirmation - Delivery Confirmation information is available for the method. The USPS will have an initial and a delivery confirmation scan, but will not have a scan from every location during transit.
    Note: The USPS does NOT offer Delivery Confirmation when shipping to APO/FPO/DPO military addresses.
  • UPS/Fedex Tracking Number - Tracking Numbers are available for the method. UPS/Fedex will scan each location your package passes through and will have detailed information about your shipment.
  • Business Day - UPS/Fedex has a 5 day work week (M-F) and packages will only be delivered on these days. The USPS has a 6 day work week (M-Sat) and packages will only be delivered on these days.

Order Payment

Payment is due in full at the time of the completion of your order at the Prima Music website. By submitting your order, you authorize us to charge your credit card or withdraw funds from your PayPal account for the full amount of the order. Any adjustments to an order that results in the order total being less than the original amount will result in a credit to your account. Account credits will be refunded via the same method used to pay for the order. In certain circumstances, and at the sole discretion of Prima Music, credits may be refunded via a credit certificate (gift certificate) for use on a future order at the Prima Music website. Any adjustments to an order that results in the order total being greater than the original amount will result in a reference transaction submitted against the original payment method. By submitting your order, you authorize us to submit one or more reference transactions for the amount that the final order total is greater than the original amount paid.

Payment Verification

All international and first time orders over $200 require written or verbal verification. We do this to protect both our customers and ourselves from potential fraud. Once your order is received and reviewed, we will contact you via telephone or email to verify your order. In the event that verification cannot be obtained within one week, the order will be deleted.


In the event that any credit card or PayPal charge is reversed by contacting the credit card company or PayPal without first contacting us for resolution, called a 'chargeback', we will assess a $20 fee against your account. Your account privileges, including your membership discount and the ability to place orders at our site will be discontinued until this fee is paid. This fee will apply regardless of the reason of the chargeback.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is only required for orders shipping to addresses in the State of Georgia where we have or may have nexus for state tax purposes under applicable laws. On occasion, Prima Music will offer No Sales Tax shopping at our website. During these promotions, Prima Music will pay the sales tax in the states where a nexus exists. We will not be responsible for sales and use tax that is imposed on the individual by state or local taxing authorities where no nexus exists.

Price Match Promise

Prima Music will match any advertised price for identical items sold by an authorized music retailer. Simply notify us of the the advertised pricing and where you found it. We will gladly adjust the price. Prima Music's Price Match Promise does not include offers from music stores that include bundling of items, free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, items that are advertised as limited-quantity, open-box, clearance, liquidation sales, refurbished/used items, Deal of the Day items, or any item not deemed to be comparable by Prima Music. The Price Match Promise does not include non-licensed retailers, such as eBay or Amazon third-party resellers. The item must be in-stock at the competitor's store at the time the offer is presented to Prima Music. Any quantity discounts will be honored for the same quantity only. For promotional discounts that apply to the entire order, or multiple items, Prima Music will match the final order total, inclusive of shipping, handling, tax, and other additional fees. The Price Match Promise does not include direct sales from music publishers, wholesalers, or their retail affiliates. Prima Music reserves the right to determine the applicability of the Price Match Promise on a case-by-case basis. The Price Match Promise is good for 10 days after purchase. Please note: Due to frequent pricing changes by publishers, manufacturers, and suppliers, Prima Music's Price Match Promise does not match the retail price listed at other authorized music retailers or the price printed on the item. Our Price Match Promise guarantees that our final item price, after member discount and any other applicable promotions, will be equal to or lower than any other retailer's final item price. At the sole discretion of Prima Music, shipping costs will be considered in our final determination of the applicability of the Price Match Promise.

List Price

The List Price displayed for products on our website represents the full retail price listed on the product itself or suggested by the brand or supplier. Due to frequent price increases by publishers and suppliers, the current Prima Music price may be higher than the price printed on the product. In addition, Prima Music's list price may be higher than the currently suggested retail price for certain publishers or suppliers. Prima Music's list price will prevail in any disagreement between the product's printed price or the suggested retail price and Prima Music list price.

Incorrect Price

Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items in our catalog may be mispriced. In the event that an item will cost us significantly more to purchase on your behalf than we charged for the item, we will contact you to determine how you would like for us to proceed with the order. In the event that you do not wish to pay any additional costs, the item will be removed from your order or the order will be deleted in its entirety.

Processing Time

You can expect your order to be processed within approximately 24-48 hours, provided the items are in stock and there are no problems with payment verification. Prima Music does not guarantee same day-shipping. Orders are not processed on weekends and holidays.

Receipts / Packing Slips

Because many of our customers purchase studio materials for their students, we do not include pricing information on the packing slip that accompanies each shipment. Order receipts, containing item pricing detail, can be printed from our website.

Purchase Orders

Prima Music accepts purchase orders from schools, studios, and churches. Purchase orders must have the signature of an authorized agent. Purchase orders do not qualify for member or promotional pricing. Purchase orders will be billed via invoice due in 30 days.

Order Modifications

Prima Music allows a limited number of changes to orders once they are placed. See below for details. If you would like to make changes to an existing order, please contact us at (877) 877-5743 or send an email to Please reference the order number in your correspondence. We recommend you request change orders by contacting us by phone, as we may not receive your email in time to make an adjustment due to the volume of emails we receive each day.

Order Additions

Prima Music does not allow any additions to orders once they have been placed. If additional items are needed after completion of an order, an additional order will need to be placed.

Order Deletions

Items identified as IN STOCK can be deleted from your order up until the time that the item(s) ships. Items identified as SPECIAL ORDER or BACKORDERED can only be deleted from your order up until the time that the item is ordered from our supplier on your behalf. This is generally within 24 hours of the time of your order, however, the time can be longer or shorter depending on when your order is placed.

Order Changes

Prima Music will do its best to accommodate changes to your order, not including additions and deletions explained above. This includes changes to the shipping address, shipping method, split shipments, or shipping insurance. Limitations apply. Please contact Customer Service to request changes prior to completion of your order.


Prima Music has a limited Return Policy. Items marked as IN STOCK at the time of your order can be returned within 10 days of the receipt of your order provided the item meets the criteria below. IN STOCK items are listed on the confirmation email sent once the order is completed at our website. Prima Music only accepts returned items that have been authorized. Call Prima Music at (877) 877-5743, within 10 calendar days of the receipt of your order, to obtain an RA (Return Authorization) number. Once your return has been received, a credit or refund will be issued within 21 days and an e-mail confirmation will be sent. The following conditions, limitations and fees apply.

  • Your return must be authorized by our Customer Service Department - (877) 877-5743 or email
  • RA's for a refund must be requested within 10 days of receipt of the product.
  • Any returned items that have not been authorized will not be given credit and will not be returned to the customer.
  • Any package that is refused or un-deliverable to you will be charged return shipping to us by the shipping company. We will deduct this return shipping from any refund that you are entitled to receive.
  • Returns are not accepted more than 20 business days after return has been authorized.
  • The RA number must be written in 2 locations on the outside of the box.
  • A signed copy of the original packing slip must be inside the box.
  • All returns are subject to 15% restocking fee.
  • Any returned item that is damaged in transit is subject to a 50% restocking fee.
  • Any returned item that is received in unsalable condition will receive no credit.
  • Any item that is marked as SPECIAL ORDER, BACKORDERED, INSTANT PRINT, or imported is not returnable.
  • CDs, DVDs, Software, Bundled Items, or any other item that has been opened is not returnable due to copyright restrictions.
  • Any item purchased in our Clearance Center is not returnable.
  • Shipping, Handling, Insurance, and any other additional fees are not refundable.
  • The item must be purchased from Prima Music to be returned.
  • If the remaining balance of the order is less than $10 after return items have been credited, the credit amount will be reduced by a $2 handling fee.
  • If the returned item or items constitutes all of the items in the order, the credit will be reduced by any cost to ship the order to you, less the shipping amount you paid, plus a $2 handling fee.

Return Shipping Cost

If you are returning an item because of an error on our part or because of a defect, we will refund the delivery charges incurred in returning it to us. If your return is not the result of our error, you will be responsible for paying the shipping costs associated with your return.

Clearance Center Purchases

Many of the items in our Clearance Center are 'one of a kind'. They may have slight blemishes or represent the last of a discontinued item. We do not accept returns of any item purchased from our Clearance Center. Any item returned to us that was purchased in our Clearance Center will receive no credit. In addition, if any Clearance Center item is lost in transit once shipped from our warehouse, we will honor no claim for replacement of such items, even if insurance was purchased or the carrier provides insurance for the shipment. Prima Music, at its discretion, may refund the amount paid for any Clearance Center items lost in transit, depending upon whether we can recoup the value of the lost items from the carrier. If this situation arises, please contact our Customer Service department at (877) 877-5743.

Product Return Procedure

To return an item, please contact our Customer Service department at (877) 877-5743, or email us at within the first ten (10) days after receipt of your order. You will be provided with a Return Authorization (RA) number that must be included when sending your merchandise back. Returns will not be accepted without a RMA number.

If you are replying by email, please include the Order Number and the Product Number(s) for all items you wish to return. In the case of a defective product or incorrect shipment, please provide information in your communication on the defect . All returned items must be received within ten (10) business days from the time the RMA number is generated. For authorized items returned after the ten (10) day period, only 50% credit will be given.

After packaging the items for return, you must write the RMA number on the outside of the package. The RMA number is only good for the products authorized for return. Return packages must be returned using a delivery service that provides tracking information (UPS, Federal Express). Do not send your package via the US Postal Service.

Send your return to the following address:
Prima Music
Customer Service Department
55 Highway 85
Senoia, GA 30276

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