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Rupert, the Rambling Robot

(no longer available)

by John Robert Poe

Product Details
  • Publisher:

    Willis Music Company

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  • Series:

    Willis Piano Solos

  • Composed by:

    John Robert Poe

  • Instrument:


  • Level:


  • Format:

    Sheet Music

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Description: This is a descriptive piece about the antics of a whimsical robot. The second phrase (m.9) is a simple variation of the first phrase. The B section (m.17) finds him in a more relaxed mood but the last phrase returns to the brightness of the beginning. He almost runs down in the last line but manages to end with a burst of energy.

Purpose: The purpose is to offer the student an opportunity to use his imagination in creating a story line for the “Rambling Robot”. It serves as a vehicle for reinforcement in reading seconds and thirds as well as technical security with two-note and three-note slurs.

Suggestions for Instruction: Create a legend for the robot's actions guided by the form. Work on the shape and feel of the hand as it plays the broken and blocked seconds and thirds. Practice the F-major 5 finger pattern until it is fluid and secure, especially the RH B flat played with finger 4. The tempo must remain strict and mechanical until the last line but careful attention should be paid to the dynamics and expressive qualities.

Key: F Major.

Publisher: Willis Music Company, Series: Willis Piano Solos

Publisher Item #: 00406549, Prior Publisher Number: 12396

Composer: John Robert Poe

Instrument: Piano, Level: Elementary, Format: Sheet Music

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